A Dolphin’s Dream

A Dolphin's Dream

A Dolphin’s Dream

Carlos Eyles’ new novel is now available on Kindle through Amazon

Spiritually bankrupt Michael Compton on his way to Australia from the United States gets sidetracked to a remote Fijian island, where, through a strange set of circumstances, he finds himself on an isolated beach under the care of a wise and charismatic fisherman who begins to guide him back to his true self.  As he learns about the ocean and how to hunt in it he begins to understand just how incomplete his knowledge of reality and himself has become.  His involvement in the sea and in the Fijian perspective of nature draws him deeper and deeper into the fabric of another way of being. Along the way he falls in love with a woman of profound mystical ocean powers, becomes a astonishing spear fisherman, and makes an extraordinary discovery about the nature of reality and his role within it.

A Dolphin’s Dream is the tenth book delivered by Carlos Eyles who resides in Hawaii on the Big Island.

“No one writes about the ocean wilderness like Carlos Eyles, his books are legendary chronicles of a disappearing world and man’s relationship with it. This one has it all and more, an astounding work, his very best!”

– Cindi Baker

Carlos was born and raised on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to authoring ten books he is also an award winning underwater photographer. As time permits he also teaches the discipline of free diving.

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