Diving Free Hawaii – Free Dive Training

This free dive training in Hawaii is about infusing the human elements of mind, body, spirit to the ocean world that will allow the diver to intimately interact with the environment. Diving Free Hawaii offers private training sessions from off shore that generally last from four to six hours for a day.


Carlos has developed this program based on his personal experiences of over fifty years of diving on a breath-hold in the ocean, and over thirty years of translating that experience to the diving novice and expert alike.

This program is an exploration into the sea as well as into the self. Says Carlos, “To operate effectively in the ocean on a breath-hold one must first be relaxed. To be relaxed in the body as well as the mind fosters a high level of awareness. Thus opening the diver to a more direct and intimate experience with the ocean.”


All levels of dive experience are welcome, from the beginner who will learn to use the equipment properly and acquire the physical skills to freely interact with the ocean, to the intermediate and expert diver who will be trained in stalking skills for both gun and camera. Also deep water psychology will be applied to overcome the dilemma of the fight/flight response and the recognition and elimination of feelings of vulnerability that accompany those realms of blue water.

Finally, Diving Free Hawaii explores the development of the intuition as a way to connect and thus function in the ocean world. The intuition becomes the compass that not only directs the diver but alerts him to danger, and acutely expands a deeper level of ocean awareness.


The cost of the training is $90 an hour with a two hour minimum. Lunch, weights and weight belts will be provided. It is best to book reservations a month in advance of the training.

To reserve a date, contact Carlos at (808) 326-1569 or use the contact form

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